Melodies of the Heart: Ayaana Noman's Poetic Reverie

Choose wisely

Slide down the risky path
Covered in sharp stones and bones
Take the risk and follow your dreams
If you are willing to achieve
The hardest of metal and stone

Or take the path covered in honey and smooth stones
To follow your dreams in which you will never achieve.


Dreams of the universe

We all dream and hope for things to happen 
But they never do 
That’s how life works
Life will never feel for you
Care for you
Pity you
Because life is a horrid thing
But sometimes you can find light and prosperity 
Even in the darkest times
But only if you strive


A broken line at midnight

Alone in his house
A man stood
Holding a telephone in his bare hands
Covered in dust
With his eyes wide open
With rivers and clouds
Tearing them apart

The man stood
All night
Till the clock hit 12
Waiting for a single sentence
Only to have realized that the line
Had been cut


Raindrops on a teary-eyed day

Tears are like raindrops on a cloudy day
Streams run down our face
Glimmering like crystals
Like a thousand diamonds on a sunny day

Tears are beautiful
But are there because of the pain
Tears show our hardships
Our emotions
Tears show the battles we have faced
Tears are like raindrops on a cloudy day
So beautiful yet so gray


Ode to the vampire

My calm sweet gorgeous vampire
Oh how you inspire me to write
Oh how I hate when others
Run scream and hide
From your sight
Shielding their hearts from your prying eyes
You invade my mind day and night
Showing up in my dreams and promising not to bite

My calm sweet vampire
Let me compare you to a mercenary
Only much more scary and terrifying
Your sharp blood white teeth
Cooler than the ice bites through the breeze of January
Grazing over my skin
Promising you won’t bite

My calm vampire
Your touch is cold to the core
Enlightening goosebumps on my skin
As if I’m the prey you eat on a cool night
In which you break your promise
While the wind howls the scent of iron
In which runs down my skin

My vampire
Oh how you truly inspire me to write
But unfortunately, my hands are too tied
In the bloody mess, you created with my heart on this cool winter night