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An extraordinary talent, hailing from the United States, Ayaana is a multifaceted artist, author, poet, and captivating public speaker.

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Ayaana Noman is an author, public speaker, poet, and artist. She is the writer of a collection of poems called “A Broken Line At Midnight” a fictional book called “Vivid Red Sky”, a sci-fi action novel series called “A Black Book” which features a prequel called “A Moon Of Hope” and the main book called “The Death Of Time” & an autobiography called “My Journey To Hafiz”. She discusses and goes into broad depth about human emotions and memories in her books. She is a young Muslim woman who has had a passion for writing ever since she was born and wants to express her thoughts and her creative feelings to the world.

She originally began posting her art work on her experiences of being a Muslim along with pages of her poetry book “A Broken Line At Midnight]” on Instagram  to spread publicity. She also uploaded multiple videos of public speaking on Islam on her YouTube channel (@ayaananoman9484).

Ayaana Noman

Stay tuned for updates and join her on this remarkable artistic journey.

"Has time ever challenged you? Have you ever felt like you've lived in a moment repeatedly before it happened?"

Ayaana Noman

Accolades and Achievements: Ayaana Noman's Remarkable Journey of Excellence

Ayaana Noman is a highly accomplished individual who has earned an array of prestigious accolades across multiple domains, including academia, the arts, and public speaking. Her exceptional academic performance has merited her the distinguished honor roll, with certificates personally signed by former Presidents Obama and Trump. Furthermore, Ayaana’s remarkable aptitude for Quranic recitation has consistently led her to secure impressive positions in various Quran competitions, often achieving 1st and 2nd place distinctions.

In addition to her linguistic accomplishments, Ayaana has excelled in the realm of public speaking, achieving 1st place in numerous speech and debate competitions, a testament to her eloquence and persuasive prowess. Notably, her artistic talents have garnered significant recognition as well, as demonstrated by her receipt of a gold medal in an art competition for her masterful creation titled “Prevailing In American Pride.”

Ayaana’s exceptional track record of achievements is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and exceptional talents, which continue to be a source of inspiration to her peers and mentors alike.

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