Ayaana Noman

Welcome to the world of Ayaana Noman, an extraordinary talent, hailing from the United States, Ayaana is a multifaceted artist, author, poet, and captivating public speaker.​

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The Death Of Time

"The Death Of Time" is an action and drama-packed science fiction novel that will get you to question time and reality even in your sleep.

Valda is a young woman who finds a strange book that leads her to be lost in her own sense of time and causes her time travel back to the year 1985. She meets strangers, makes lovers, and even enemies while she learns to navigate through what seems like different realities. However, things aren’t always what they seem to be. Strange things begin to happen to Valda in which she must learn to understand what is reality and what is fiction and what time period she is currently in. She must learn and understand new worlds in order to understand what world she is truly in and how she can return back to her normal life without the sense of time killing her mind.

Insights from the Author: Ayaana Noman

Among her notable works, Ayaana has authored a thought-provoking poetry book titled “A Broken Line At Midnight”, delving into the depths of human emotions. She also explores the realms of suspense and intrigue in her gripping psychological thriller, “Vivid Red Sky”. Furthermore, Ayaana showcases her imaginative prowess in the realms of science fiction with her action-packed novel, “The Death Of Time”.

Ayaana’s creative journey began by sharing her artwork and poetic expressions on Instagram, where she candidly shared her experiences as a Muslim. Her captivating illustrations and soul-stirring verses captivated the attention of a wide audience, gaining her substantial recognition and publicity. To further advocate for her faith and share her insights, Ayaana took to her YouTube channel (@ayaananoman), where she fearlessly addresses various aspects of Islam through her impactful public speaking engagements. Prepare to embark on a profound exploration of emotions, suspense, and imagination as you delve into the literary world crafted by Ayaana Noman.

Ayaana Noman
Author, Poet, Artist and Public Speaker

Stay tuned for updates and join her on this remarkable artistic journey.